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Your Friday News Briefing: Russia, India, Pandas

Kim climbed to the peak of Baekdusan, an active volcano revered by the Korean people. The hike, pictured above, symbolized the two leaders’ commitment to normalizing relations. The country criminalized the ancient Muslim practice of instant divorce , in which men could end a marriage by saying the Arabic word for divorce — “talaq” — three times. The option was not available for Muslim women, who needed permission from their husband for a divorce. Last year, the Supreme Court struck down the practice, known as triple talaq, which is widely frowned upon around the world. Now, it is a criminal offense punishable by a fine or a jail sentence. Our reporter got a rare ride aboard a U.S. Navy flight over the South China Sea, where China is building man-made islands and staking territorial claims. Above, one of the Chinese-controlled reefs. Beijing has created at least 3,200 acres (almost 13 square kilometers) of new land in the area since 2015, mostly for military bases. “China is now capable of controlling the South China Sea in all scenarios short of war with the U.S.,” said one U.S.

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Today, immense wealth exists in pockets but given the country’s Lilliputian size (smaller than New York City), it seems to inhabit everyday life, visible in the Ferraris that I see rumble around the roads daily, the marquee condominium complexes (one, Reignwood Hamilton Scotts, has an elevator for vehicles so residents can park their exotic sports cars in their living rooms) and the marinas. But these snapshots are not the norms. “The perception of Singapore as the playground of the rich has caused some uneasiness and tension,” noted Dr. Liew. This was expressed in the complaints (about stereotyping, lifestyle, lack of ethnic diversity) by Singaporeans over the trailer of “Crazy Rich Asians” that portrays a city alien to the experiences of ordinary folk here. Singapore is costly: for the fifth year running, it’s the most expensive city in the world according to an annual survey by the Economist. With an average annual resident income of about 46,000 Singapore dollars, most Singaporeans regularly tighten their purse strings, this necessary financial prudence helped by a wide range of free and low-cost facilities and diversions. There are free parks to explore, free concerts, free health clinics and tons of cheap places to eat. A day out need not cost a small fortune. A back alley behind shop houses, the traditional set-up where the shop is at street level with the owner’s home on the second floor.CreditRebecca Toh for The New York Times Serangoon Road, the pulsing heart of Little India, one of the enclaves explored in walking tours.CreditRebecca Toh for The New York Times The 184-acre Singapore Botanic Gardens (about three-quarters the size of the New York Botanical Garden) opened in 1859, and in its early days was an important center for cultivating plants, especially the rubber tree.

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